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Do I qualify for a Homestead Exemption?

To qualify for a Homestead Exemption, you must own and occupy the property on January 1st of any given year. If you’ve purchased a home in the current year, you will be eligible for the following year. Qualifying Homestead Exemption recipients receive $25,000 in exemptions on your property value from your school district.

Are there any exemptions for home owners over 65 years of age?

If you own the home you occupy and are 65 years of age or going to be 65 years old during the year, you are eligible for An Over-65 Exemption the same year. As a qualifying home owner you will receive various additional exemptions and tax ceilings from the taxing authorities.

I am over 65 years old and purchased a new home. Can I transfer my exemptions?

If you are a qualifying Over-65 home owner and wish to transfer your exemptions, you must fill out a new application indicating the purchase date of the new home. The new application must be submited along with a Tax Ceiling Certificate of prior Homestead if the previous residence was located outside of Maverick County. The benefit of transferring the exemption would be the percentage of frozen taxes are transferred to the new home.

I am a surviving spouse age 55 or older of a deceased spouse with an Over 65 exemption. Can I continue to claim the exemption?

The exemption can be claimed by the surviving spouse if the over 65 exemption was claimed at the time of death. As the surviving spouse you must apply for the exemption within that year. A death certificate will be required for processing.

I am disabled, unable to work, and I own my own home. Are there any exemptions I can claim?

If you are disabled and unemployable you are eligible. Submit a letter from the Social Security Administration stating the effective date of your disability. If qualified, you will receive $10,000 in exemptions on your property value for school valuation.

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